Poland – Polska


Flag – Two horizontal stripes of equal width, the upper one white and the lower one red

Emblem – while eagle with a golden crown on a red shield

Official language – Polish

Currency – złoty, PLN

Location – Central Europe. Poland borders Germany, the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania and Russia. Its northern border runs along the Baltic Sea coast.

Capital – Warszawa (Warsaw)

Area – 312,685 sq km (9th largest country in Europe) 

Climate – The Polish climate is moderate continental, with relatively cold winters (from December to March) and hot summer which extend from June to August. January temperatures average -1°C to -5°C. July and August average temperatures range from 16,5°C to 19°C, though some days the temperature can reach even 35°C.

Calling code – +48

Internet domain – .pl





Polish cuisine

Polish cuisine has over years been influenced by many cooking traditions and varies across the country.

Some of the Polish specialties are:

  • Soups such as beetroot soup (barszcz) or sour soup made from rye flour and mushrooms, served with potatoes and diced sausages (żurek)
  • Bigos, considered the Polish national dish, which is a traditional stew of cabbage and meat
  • Smoked meats, such as the famous Polish sausage (kiełbasa), which comes in many kinds
  • Various sorts of delicious dumplings (pierogi) stuffed with cottage cheese and potatoes, meat, cabbage and mushrooms or fruits
  • Breaded pork cutlet (kotlet schabowy)
  • Pancakes (naleśniki) with sweet or spicy filling or popular potato pancakes (placki ziemniaczane)
  • Oscypek: cheese produced in the mountains from ewe’s milk, which is the most famous Polish regional delicacy
  • Delicious pastries and cakes, such as typically Polish apple pie (szarlotka), gingerbread (piernik), poppy seed cake (makowiec) or cheesecake (sernik).


Worth to see in Poland

During your stay in Poland you”ll have a chance to explore our amazing architecture and nature. Ask also Local Committees who will be your host to tell you about IAESTE Weekends.


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